Thursday, November 3, 2011

8,500 words later...

Corporate blogging is moving forward.  It's interesting that a magazine I started writing articles for was gradually transformed into a series of blogs and white papers. My client, Wolters Kluwer, a global leader in financial services and compliance for banking and mortgage servicing institutions wanted to articulate their expertise on several topics. These included cloud computing, outsourcing, paperless processing of mortgages and the improving borrower experience. I enjoyed enhancing my knowledge of the complexities of the heavily regulated and (today) much scrutinized mortgage business.

But I was really encouraged to see a large, generally conservative organization like Wolters Kluwer take on new inbound internet marketing tactics. I've been big on the power of blogging as an online marketing foundation. I like blogging for lots of reasons and here are my 3 favorites....

1) It can greatly enhance your organic search results because Google loves fresh, relevant content.

2) It can create valuable links to your web environment which also helps your search rankings.

3) It can be the content foundation for all your social media efforts, and these days that can drive lots of viral marketing results.

Best of all, I like the numbers that show how effective blogging can be, even for business-to-business companies!

If you've ever thought blogging could benefit your company, let's chat at 952-926-7309.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Can you feel it?

Bringing a tangible, human aspect to today's virtual technology marketing can be challenging. And I spent several years marketing databases of legal and compliance information! While that kind of work may sound tedious,  I found ways to make it intriguing and my teams always took that work to new places.

Recently having the opportunity to create brand messaging and positioning for Imation, it was a real treat to  work on this product that actually recognizes your fingerprint to allow access. Finally, a digital data storage device that is dependent on something totally unique about you. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Refresh with Real Potential

It's been really rewarding teaming with Jeff Exe at to produce the new web environment for Traust, an independent Oracle Software consulting firm in Bloomington, Minnesota.
We're especially proud to have introduced a more holistic (see above) web marketing approach to this remodeling effort by implementing a robust use of landing pages, inbound marketing strategies and white papers and free mini-assessments as incentives. All in all, we created a new online environment that looks nice, is easy to understand and offers true online marketing tools and tactics. Watch for another refresh coming soon.

Old site above

Monday, March 21, 2011

Need content for your blog? Don't try so hard.

Here's a neat, quick interview with one of my favorite people Chris Baggott, the CEO of Compendium Blogware. He keeps it simple by emphasizing the value of using your blog as the main hub for all your content. From your blog (master content HQ) you can distribute (often automatically) to your various social media venues. Makes sense to me and his blog-worthy quip is right on. This is a 2-minute interview worth watching.

Watch it here

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Branding with a Purpose

In Germany, an online start-up has taken their water-reducing passion to their brand - litterally. This an intersting case study on a whole new way ot thinking about branding. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My New Creative Capabilites Video

Creative Capabilites

Quick little video showcasing some of my creative marketing abilities.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

iPhone Ride-sharing technology creates real-time results.

I remember living in the  San Francisco Bay area for  several years in the late 80's. I was amazed at the Bay Bridge free-loading carpool method that was established. Right before the bridge outside of Oakland, there was a little pull-over area where people would await single occupant cars to pick them up so together they could utilize the High Occupant Vehicle Lane  - avoiding not only the toll but the lines and congestion. My guess is some bureaucratic official shut this down in the name of safety or declining toll revenue. But it was innovative.

Now, transportation technology firm Avego has created a similar solution for Seattle to help reduce congestion. It allows drivers and riders to connect real-time via an iPhone App, It has security features and also offers electronic micro payments to  help participants split the cost.

Now that is refreshing. Simple, effective and fast. Plus a low cost start-up. Try transferring this thinking to your small business or organization, Is there a unique way to use existing technology to help you be more efficient?

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Will Google Places be an Internet Marketing game-changer in 2011?

Right when many internet marketers, hopeful bloggers and most anyone with a moderate interest in Search Engine Optimization feel they have some basic understanding of Google, the wizards of Mountain View turn the tables by developing something new and radically different. 

Showing up in November, Google Places has redrawn the search results page landscape by listing the top local businesses listed in Google with pinpoints on a map which has now shifted to the right-hand column. 

In the main organic column you'll see the listings for the pinpoints on the map. Several listings can still make it above these listings but that can be sacred ground for search results, as Google has put a stronger influence on its new places environment.

While the number of the new Places set up may vary, I believe the new magic number is 7 - the maximum number allowed. 

But wait there's more, Google Tags. Here's a neat way to add interactive call-outs that can feature one element such a as video, menu or a Web site link. Are Google Tags worth the $25 per month? Try a few months and see how your results turn out. 

So why has Google done this? Take a look around, it makes sense. Mobile internet is no longer wishful thinking, it's taking shape now. In fact twice as many people across the globe access the internet from a mobile devise than a computer. And local listings are becoming huge focal points for the mobile internet.

Besides, how else can Google keep up with Twitter and Facebook? There are some serious competitive rumblings happening since Facebook took over Google as the most used internet Web environment. Plus with Twitter now offering more mobile capabilities, the mobile market is white hot for those who can establish a strong brand.

So what should you do next? 
To avoid being left behind and losing a competitive footing, start your local/mobile marketing planning now for 2011. You don't need to start over, just enhance what you're doing. Here are three free, easy-to-start today, take-aways...

1) Mini-size it
Remember portable devices have a limited viewing area, so refine your mobile presence. Keep graphics and content simple. I hate to say this as a writer, but cut back your copy 30% , then cut it another 20%.
2) Keep it simple
No one likes complexity when you're having to type with the very tips of your fingers or scrolling with one of those little "scrolling things". So make sure your navigation is super simple. In other words make every possible path -- a happy path.  

3) Try an app
Don't be afraid. Create an idea or two that takes your brand somewhere new. Then find an app developer. It's less expensive than you think. And resources are out there ready to help. Plus how cool would it be to tell your customers about your new iPhone or Android application!