Thursday, November 3, 2011

8,500 words later...

Corporate blogging is moving forward.  It's interesting that a magazine I started writing articles for was gradually transformed into a series of blogs and white papers. My client, Wolters Kluwer, a global leader in financial services and compliance for banking and mortgage servicing institutions wanted to articulate their expertise on several topics. These included cloud computing, outsourcing, paperless processing of mortgages and the improving borrower experience. I enjoyed enhancing my knowledge of the complexities of the heavily regulated and (today) much scrutinized mortgage business.

But I was really encouraged to see a large, generally conservative organization like Wolters Kluwer take on new inbound internet marketing tactics. I've been big on the power of blogging as an online marketing foundation. I like blogging for lots of reasons and here are my 3 favorites....

1) It can greatly enhance your organic search results because Google loves fresh, relevant content.

2) It can create valuable links to your web environment which also helps your search rankings.

3) It can be the content foundation for all your social media efforts, and these days that can drive lots of viral marketing results.

Best of all, I like the numbers that show how effective blogging can be, even for business-to-business companies!

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