Monday, October 1, 2012

The hard Truth behind Video Viewing fall-off

You know the power online video. It presents ideas in quick, easy to digest portions. It can help you rank big on Google. It can be produced quickly and cheaply.

But remember You Tube now has 24 hours of video uploaded every minute. So in some ways online video is becoming a bit of a commodity.

I love Dave Kaminski and his Web Video University Here's a Great video on the risk of video fall-off. His advice is simple and straight forward. And here's his breakdown of viewer fall-off...

  • Within 10 seconds you'll lose 20% of your audience
  • Within a minute another 30% stop watching.
  • By the end you may have 20% of your original audience still viewing.

What is driving this?

Audience Interest level. Bottom line. If you are not presenting a compelling message, you are fighting an uphill battle.

So before the camera is rolling think about how to make your story attention-worthy.
Here are some real basic ideas...

1) Work in an emotional testimonial. People tend to buy from people not just talking heads. 
2) Present  a riveting relevant fact. Each day there are 247 car accidents in our state - maybe it's time to consider a free auto insurance coverage review. 
3) Introduce a  classic problem/solution storyline. 
This works well especially well when You can present it in a villain v. hero format.

Thanks for reading!