Thursday, February 17, 2011

iPhone Ride-sharing technology creates real-time results.

I remember living in the  San Francisco Bay area for  several years in the late 80's. I was amazed at the Bay Bridge free-loading carpool method that was established. Right before the bridge outside of Oakland, there was a little pull-over area where people would await single occupant cars to pick them up so together they could utilize the High Occupant Vehicle Lane  - avoiding not only the toll but the lines and congestion. My guess is some bureaucratic official shut this down in the name of safety or declining toll revenue. But it was innovative.

Now, transportation technology firm Avego has created a similar solution for Seattle to help reduce congestion. It allows drivers and riders to connect real-time via an iPhone App, It has security features and also offers electronic micro payments to  help participants split the cost.

Now that is refreshing. Simple, effective and fast. Plus a low cost start-up. Try transferring this thinking to your small business or organization, Is there a unique way to use existing technology to help you be more efficient?

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